~~PAI~~ romantic valley

We went to pai during 10-12 jan 08, temperature was under 10 °C in the morning and lower than 5 °C at night while the sun has burt my skin at noon. Anyway, it was very nice trip. We fly by TG, unfortunately we could not see high view on the plane which recommended from my friend because our seats are near aisle.

Once we landed to chaingmai airport, we transfered to van in order to go to pai. It took around 2-3 hours with switchback way. Most of our companion are car sick, guide to you if you want to go there please take some dimenhydrinate.

After we kept our luggages at my cottage, we ran to all about coffee shop to test banoffi which is famous dessert. It is very delicious.

We rest at "Baan Chon Pow" along this trip. It is a very beautiful bamboo cottage and great atmosphere. We had to visit santichon chinese village and try red soft pork which is famous either. This village have a small chinese style cottage for rent.


Paint Ball

After finished rafting tour, next morning we went to Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy. This is military school which located in Nakhon-nayok province, the passage way.

Paint Ball is the game which use color-blank cartridge in order to battle down the opponents. It cannot make any fatal danger besides just bruised skin. If you shoot them, they raise their hands and wait for the next game. It seems you win when you can eliminate all the opponents. Turn your dare now!



Have you ever transported on a raft? If you never, I suggest Kaeng Hin Phoeng in Nadi District of Prachin Buri province. I went there last weekend with my friend. It is easy to go there by car, only 3 hours from Bangkok. There are many tourist attractions which you should not miss an oppotunity to visit in the passage way.

They allow only 8 tourists and 2 keepers per one raft. It is preventive measure for safty because the water is very vigorous during the rainy months. Most resorts in Kaeng Hin Phoeng offer the service only 4 months per year. It starts on the end of June and terminate on the end of October in the year because of neap tide.

The rafting section is short so it is better to plan another activity together on this day.

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